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Gift Giving Season

Nailing the Wedding ‘Gift Giving’ Season

Is it just me or has social media been rebranded as Weddings R Us?

It’s like logging onto Facebook triggers some kind of hitching initiative and I see at least one of my friends getting married/preparing mehndi dances. It’s a freaking epidemic! But I go for the food. And I go so far as to bring a gift.

Gift giving is perhaps a tradition as old as time itself. The process of picking something out to give to another person is something most of us have a love/hate relationship with. It can either be jam packed with fun, making the receiver’s reaction all the more rewarding or it can be a tedious process making you feel clueless and irritable.

However, it doesn’t need to be such a task at all. Keeping our loved ones in mind, here are some ideas to take inspiration from.

Go edgy or go home

If we’re going to give a gift, we want it to have some kind of impact. Instead of regular things we have grown accustomed to recognize as gifts, why not bring a twist to it? A photo frame is easily forgettable but candle stands with ornate carvings never go out of style. Lamps have become quite drab as gifts but with a little regal touch, bold colors and textures, they can transition into a piece of art.

Home improvement

For newly-weds, giving gifts for the home is always advisable. An ottoman to cushions to linens to furniture, sky’s the limit. Keeping the up-coming weather in mind, bright colors that stand out are the top pick. Floral prints with a little edge to them, flamboyant colors and a tiny touch of extravagance can take you a long way, so much so that your gift might inspire a whole new look for the receiver’s home.

Best things come in small packages

The best presents are the ones that have meaning and memories associated with them. They may even remind your friends of a special time or event. If they like to travel then ornaments or nick knacks inspired by worldly designs can do just the trick. Or, this is for the ladies, to show your appreciation for the work they do and to show your support, a personal spa kit can go a long way. It doubles as thoughtful and appreciative.

So be a little inventive with your choices and make it fun for yourself.


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