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Ward off the Flu Germs

The winter season is ideal for colds and flu and the dust and dry spell is making it even worse this year. The only way to protect yourself from the flu germs is to strengthen you immunity. We have prepared a list of natural tips that can help boost…

Winter Blues

Why so blue?

Ever felt the mood shift that the change in weather brings? Out come the blankets and away goes the energy. We tend to feel slow and generally a bit down when the weather turns chilly. Enter Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now you may not notice it right away, but it…

Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care – It’s no Yolk!

All summer long we wait and wait for winters to finally come. No more of the sweltering heat, no more fearing the chime of the clock indicating our shift to olden times without air conditioning and gadgets. We embrace winters head on and out come the fabulous clothes and…

Negative Space Eyeliner

The Negative Space Eyeliner is a Must-Try

The hottest new trend that ruled runways this season is the negative space eyeliner. Don’t be intimidated by the name… it’s really just a fresh, bold approach to what women have been doing forever. The negative space just means that ‘less is more’ is just as applicable in the…

Festive Wear Winter

Festive Wear Winter 2015

The wedding season is fast approaching and with the Fashion Pakistan Week and Telenor Bridal Couture Week coming to an end, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for formal wear. If you’re a bride-to-be or anyone looking for festive wear then look no further; this list has dresses and…

Flat Abs Guide

The Flat Abs Guide for Dummies

A few days ago a friend of mine was complaining about her bulging tummy and asking me about exercises for it. The friend is rather petite, weighs five kilograms less than I do but has a bulging belly. I realized that she was not the only one with the…

16443-christmas-lights-on-the-street-1920x1200-holiday-wallpaper (1)

What’s happening in December?

With the weather getting colder and lovelier, there’s a lot happening around us. We’ve prepared a roundup of all the must-attend events happening in the month of December. Nadia Chottani Trunk Show – 3rd December Nadia Chhotani, the designer behind the brand Argentum will be exhibiting her full range…

Sad man holding pillow and the clock

Reset, It’s a Brand New Day

Looking back, there were so many signs. The added stress, the drowsy feeling, the lethargy seeping into every limb. But somehow, and I blame my work life for this, it was when the dark circles came and took up a permanent residence under my eyes, that I finally took…


Skin Care

Winter is coming if not here already, and so is the excuse to step up your skin care game. The chilly weather can really take a toll on your skin causing it to become dry and dull. Here are the 10 commandments for restoring your skin’s natural glow and…

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