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The miracle of the E Pill

Vitamin E is a remarkable nutrient which can not only revitalize our health but can also bring back the years on our ever-aging skin and hair. Yes, this pill has the answer to most of your skin and hair problems. People often take capsules containing the nutrient but not many people know that it is more useful when smeared directly on to the areas affected in the form of oils and creams.

Here are 10 amazing ways that the pill works wonders for your hair and skin:

  1. Heals persistent scars:
    The best way to treat a scar regardless of it being old or new is to apply Vitamin E oil directly on it. Daily application will result in a glowing and much more beautiful skin.
  2. Treats stubborn stretch marks:
    Despite common belief, stretch marks are likely to disappear if given proper treatment. Use the liquid from the Vitamin E capsules and combine it with lemon juice. Rub it directly on the stretch marks and let it rest for around half an hour. Rinse and you will feel the difference almost instantly. The more regularly you apply, the better the results! .
  3. Get near perfect nails:
    Ever broken a nail or two? The perfect solution to this age-old problem is Vitamin E. Pour Vitamin E oil out of the capsule into a bowl containing water. Sink your fingers in it for 10 minutes or so. Doing this regularly can get you those gleaming, beautiful, and long nails you’ve always wanted.
  4. Get soft lips:
    Vitamin E is a great solution for chapped and dry lips. Applied directly on the lips, Vitamin E liquid (from the capsule) works well as a lip moisturizer. Apply it regularly to make your lips supple, healthy and simply perfect.
  5. Treats sunburns:
    Vitamin E gets absorbed directly into the skin and helps in reversing any damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Applying it twice a day is recommended for healing sunburns.
  6. Protects against aging:
    Skin aging is the result of less production of collagen in the body; Vitamin E is one of the producers of collagen in human beings. Hence, regular application of Vitamin E oil can slow the aging process by reducing fine lines and wrinkles formed on your skin. Premature graying of hair an also be prevented. Vitamin E application helps to prevent the oxidation of tissues which stops the untimely aging of hair. Miracle product, right?
  7. Heals split ends:
    Don’t we all know that one of the biggest drawbacks of the over-styling is getting split ends? Split ends tend to take the beauty away from your gorgeous mane. Mix equal parts of Vitamin E, olive oil, and coconut oil, and put this mixture on the split ends. Let it rest for an hour and the shampoo your hair. Doing this at least thrice a week will surely put an end to your split ends.


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