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Twist, Tie or Let it loose – 10 Amazing ways to style your favorite scarf

Winters are here with full force and the only thing that makes me warm (except hot chocolate) is a good warm neck-wrap. My father recently gifted me gorgeous Vietnamese silk scarves which were a pleasure to look at but looked terrible when I wore them in any of the traditional ways. So I began my search and ended up acquiring very useful scarf wrapping skills! Here are a few of those ways which you might find useful.

1. The BT Standard

While this looks a lot like the regular European loop, this works better with longer scarves and is a lot more artsy.






2. The Allure


Do you have a traditional stole? Do you want to pair it with contemporary clothes? Try this knot! While being simple and chic it’s not too made up and will definitely keep you warm.

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3. The Tie Breaker


This easy breezy way to tie the scarf is super cool. I tried it on one of my crushed summer dupattas and it looks awesome!







4. The Braided Knot


This intricate looking yet simple knot is the answer for anyone who loves the details. Ideal for a prim and proper look.






5. The Chunky Scarf


Big chunky scarves are the most difficult ones to style. This knot will keep you warm while making you look stylish.







6. The Double Knot


If you’re not fond of trying your scarf around your neck, you can let it loose and just add a bit of character by tying each end.





7. Twist and Drape

7Show off a beautiful scarf by wearing it this way on a plain shirt. It’s different from the usual style but looks quite chic to me.



8. Scarf Necklace


There’s no nicer way to accessorize your outfit than making a necklace for yourself. Use a thin scarf to make a necklace out of it.







9. The Twist









10. Loose and belted

10If you’re not one for tying your scarf, let it loose and belt it. This works best for silk and light weight scarves and looks completely different from all the other ways.



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