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Ward off the Flu Germs

The winter season is ideal for colds and flu and the dust and dry spell is making it even worse this year. The only way to protect yourself from the flu germs is to strengthen you immunity. We have prepared a list of natural tips that can help boost your immunity.

Stay warm; wear socks:
Our elders have been telling us to do this since forever. It is scientifically proven that shivering depresses the immune system and makes it more likely for a person to catch a cold. Also, keeping the feet warm causes blood vessels to dilate and allows the immune cells to travel freely to the mucous membrane.

Drink plenty of fluids:
Drinking plenty of fluids will help in flushing out the infection if you have already caught the flu. If you’re lucky enough and haven’t caught it yet, still drink plenty of fluids as it keeps the kidneys functioning properly which will help it in flushing the toxins out of your body.

Ginger and Garlic:
Ginger is very useful in fighting colds and flu, its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties make it almost magical. Taking a bit of it every day with honey and warm water will help increase your immunity towards cold and flu. Similarly a daily dose of garlic helps chest complaints and reduces the frequency of colds and flu.

Regular exercise:
Exercising in winters is extremely difficult but there is no alternate to that. Exercising regularly results in increasing the production of natural killer cells in our body. Moderate exercise everyday is thus vital to boost the immunity.

Wash your hands:
Although many infections are airborne some flu germs are transmitted through physical contact as well. In order to ward off the germs, wash your hands! Also research says that the forearm carries more bacteria and viruses than the armpit, so whenever possible scrub your hands all the way to the elbow.


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